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Why Are My Vape Batteries Charging Unevenly?

Why Batteries Sometimes Charge Unevenly and How to Prevent it

If you use a vape with external batteries, you may have had to charge them using a battery charger. After some time using them, batteries may be giving you signs of wear and tear. For example, your batteries may be dying fast or charging / running out unevenly. 

There are reasons for these problems, but in this article I am going to explain the science behind why your vape batteries may be charging unevenly and how you can take steps to make your vape batteries last longer giving you a better vaping experience and less hassle when charging your device.

Why do my batteries charge unevenly?

There are a few different causes that could be the reason that your vape battery is charging and draining unevenly, here’s to name a few:

  • Manufacturer Fault

There’s a chance that your batteries are faulty, you should see the return policy regarding batteries and get in touch with the store you purchased them from if you are sure it is a manufacturers fault. Batteries are usually sold on a DOA (Dead on arrival) basis and a return may not be approved unless you can prove it is a manufacturers fault.

  • Damage to the battery

There are many instances of battery damage, they may have been over charged – while many chargers have safety features to prevent this from happening it is never fool proof and overcharging could still be a factor in your batteries demise.

Another cause could be due to the battery not being tightly fitted causing constant moving and shaking which can be subject to internal irreversible damages such as acid leaking and long term loss of capacity. If you have dropped your battery, causing damaged cells then there is no real way of checking whether they are damaged or not even with the correct equipment – but it may be the reason your batteries are not charging evenly as one has damaged cells or smaller capacity.


  • Varying conditions of heat during shipping and lifetime of battery

Bad conditions of heat can be the cause of battery damage – heat is the killer of all batteries, which may be surprising as they do get hot when being used, they can withstand certain amounts of heat, but being exposed to constant high heat levels is a very common reason for batteries dying.

vape battery temperature damage

If you want to learn more about heat conditions and batteries, read a more about why heat is bad for batteries.

  • Power issues with your device

Your device could also be the cause, if your vape is drawing more power from one battery then the other then it will drain the battery faster, while this means that your batteries are not the problem, in the long run this will damage the battery receiving more power simply because it is being used much more. Consider getting yourself a new vape mod or vape kit to work around this issue. 

How can I make my batteries last longer?

You can make your vape batteries last longer by:

  • Keeping them in a battery case when not being used.
  • Avoid over or under charging the retain the batteries full capacity – use them until they’re dead, charge them until they’re full.
  • Do not keep them in high heat conditions such as in direct sunlight.
  • Use a device with no power drawing issues.
  • Keep your batteries wrap in tact.

How can I check the health of my batteries?

Get yourself a volt reader, or battery charger that has digital voltage read out such as a D4, D2, VP2, or VP4. This will help you to see just how much out of whack your cells really are when charging.

However, there is no easy way to check for cell damage in your batteries, even with the correct equipment.

VIDOO Resistance Measuring Reader Ohm Meter Volt Meterr Coil Tester  Vaporizer Atomizer Coil Tester: Kitchen & Home

What vape batteries last the longest?

There are many different vape batteries, but when deciding on what brand to get – you are best going with a trusted brand that you can rely on to provide quality batteries with a long life span. 

Best Vape Batteries

18650 Batteries

21700 Batteries

Where is the best place to purchase vape batteries?

You want to make sure that you are purchasing genuine vape batteries, for some of the obvious reasons being safety – but also genuine vape batteries will have a much longer life span and you should have less problems when charging and using you vape.

You can rest assured that any battery purchased from The Vape Shop Online is genuine, head to our store to take a look for yourself.

Where to go from here

Overall, vaping with external batteries has its advantages and disadvantages – like anything. Make sure that you are purchasing vape batteries from trusted brands and suppliers and take good care of your batteries by using cases, keeping them out of direct sunlight and not throwing them around. Another great rule of thumb is to use them until their dead, charge them until they’re full. This reduces the chances of your battery’s lifespan being reduced by negligence. 

If you find your vape batteries are starting to charge unevenly, drain at different rates or any other signs of wear and tear – it may be time for a new set. Take care of your new ones using the tips I have covered! 





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