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5 Things to look for in a Vape Mod or Kit

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What Vape Kit is the Best for you

There are many different types of vape kits for sale online, some are great kits for beginners while there are options catered towards the more advanced vaper with knowledge on ohm’s-law. Here’s a small guide to help you decide what might be the best choice for you.

What Vape kit is best for you?

How should you charge your vape mod? 

One of the first questions you should ask when choosing a vape kit is whether it has a built-in battery or uses external ones which can be charged with a battery charger or by using the included Micro USB or USB C cable. 

If you go for an externally charged device, you can charge a battery and use another battery at the same time – when one runs out, you swap them. You’ll never have to wait for your vape to charge. Batteries usually come separately. External battery devices are also usually higher powered – they’ll usually last longer and easily fire up much more powerful tanks. It also means that when you batteries naturally come to the end of their life, you can simply replace them as opposed to your whole device.

Complete beginners often choose an internally charged vape as often simplicity is a selling point. Some of those devices now rival external-battery devices, like the Smok Thallo kit and the Voopoo Drag S.

External vape battery chargingInternally charged vape kit

The difference between high and low vape wattage

It’s up to you whether you would like big vapour production or prefer the subtlety of a lower powered device. If you want the big clouds then you need the big wattage, and vice versa. But there are some reasons to go either way.

Smaller power output means longer lasting e-liquid and coils, saving you the money involved in restocking. It also, doesn’t mean less flavour:

High wattage however, can mean more flavour depending on the e-liquid you’re using. Also, the higher vapour production is favoured by many people. It’s really about what type of vaper you are.

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The best coils to use with your vape

Vape coils are the heart of your vape, vape kits have their own compatibilities when it comes to coils, you should do some research into the coils used in the vape you’re looking to buy, find out:

  • Wattage Range
  • Resistance
  • Flavour
  • Ease of installation
  • Price

If you know whether you want big clouds or not, you need to bear in mind the wattage range of the available coils. Also, the resistance will change how tight the draw is, the higher the ohm resistance, the vape style is aimed towards Mouth-to-Lung Vaping. However, sub-ohm vaping is suited towards Direct-to-lung vaping and bigger clouds.

You also want the coils to be easy to install, some brands make their coils plug and play ready, allowing you to replace coils without the risk of spilling e-liquid. Price is also a big factor as you will always be re-purchasing them as long as you need them.

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Vape Pod or Tank System?

There are two main types of kit systems to choose from, some are pod based – depending on how you want to use your vape, you may prefer a pod system or one with a separate tank.

Pod vape systems can be more durable than tank systems, as the pod is more integrated with the device itself and tends to be a plastic material, it is less likely to smash when you drop it. If you have a clumsy nature or work in an industry like labouring where you’re prone to dropping things,  then a pod system could be perfect for you.

However, a tank system means you can upgrade your tank later on. Pods tend to have various options for pods like the, but with a tank system you have a lot more options if you are looking for a change. Also, you can always get a rubber tank band to protect that fragile glass. Tanks are usually sub-ohm (again, not always the case) but sub-ohm are best for big clouds as I mentioned. 

You should also consider the tank capacity as small pods will need you to refill more often than bigger pods or tanks. As TPD restricts tank capacity to 2.5ml in the UK, you can’t really get around that. However, a small tank capacity will last just as long in a lower powered device and you are less prone to burning your coils by not remembering to refill every 20 minutes.

The difference between pod vapes and tank systems

How big do you want your vape?

Vapes come in all different shapes and sizes. Some brands go for mobility, making it easy to put in your pocket and travel with. However, some devices with more power and bigger tank capacity will be much larger in size and harder to carry around. This is a big factor to consider if you are always on the move – if you are leaving it at home then a bigger device is totally fine!

Every online vape store should provide the dimensions of the device, so be sure to cross reference when buying a vape kit online.

Should i get a big vape or small vape kit?

What vape kit you should choose

As a new vaper, after reading this article you should now have some great insights on what to look for in a vape kit and what the best choice is for you. If you know what you’re talking about already, then hopefully it has given you some pointers to help you recommend the best kits for your friends and family!

You should consider how you want to be charging your vape, whether you want high power or subtle vapour, the coils available with that brand and model, whether you prefer pods or tanks and the size of the vape kit! Once you know the answers to these questions, you should be able to find the perfect vape mod or kit for you.

We have a lot of great options for vape kits right here at The Vape Shop Online, if you want to take a look. If you have any further questions then feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

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